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Gain Weight Steadily Via Strength Training

Many people may confuse when talking about strength training and weight training. They may mistakenly think that strength training and weight training are the same thing. Well, strength training is designed to add muscle bulk to the body and develop muscle mass. Whereas, weight training is set to help people lose needless body fat. In a word, strength training is for the people who want to gain weight and weight training is for the people who want to lose weight.

You can gain weight via scientific strength training. But it is difficult to predict on how much weight you can gain because it varies based on many factors, such as your training intention, your nutrition supplies, your body type, other exercises you are doing and your diet…etc, all these factors may affect the weight gaining results. Following are some good tips to assure you gain wight steadily.

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Build Your Muscle Mass via Strength Training

It is probable for you to gain quite a lot of weight through strength training if you are just willing to build your muscle mass alone. Before we go any deeper, let’s divulge this myth “muscle weights same as fat”. If you are also one of assents of this concept, then you must throw it out of the window right away.

In fact, muscle does weight more than fat! A pound of fat is much bigger than a pound of muscle in bulk volume, which is where that misconception comes from. But simply put a pound as a pound, one pound is not going to weight more than another pound, right? As per your strength training, however, you are going to replace your body fat with muscle or burning off the body fat. As your needless body fat is disappearing, you will look smaller than you did as if you are losing weight during that process, because, like what is mentioned above, it takes smaller mass of muscle to equal a pound than it does for fat (18 percent less to be precise). You look smaller, but you are still weighting the same or even more.

So if you are just intended to develop your muscle mass, you will eventually reach to a point where you are simply increasing weight to your body, but only healthy weight.

Isn’t this a big benefit of strength training?

Make Strength Training as Your Exercise Routine

As per report from the Mayo Clinic, cardio workouts alone are not enough for a well balanced exercise routine; you need to add strength training too. When you add strength training to your existing exercise routine, you possibly won’t see more than a pound or two in weight gain. Because cardio exercises work in the way of burning off body fats rather than converting them to muscles, you probably won’t increase your weight with a cardio exercises routine. Contrary, most people do cardio exercises to either lose weight or improve their heart healthy issues.

Benefits Strength training include:

1# Remaining muscle mass: Strength training can help you maintaining your muscle mass longer – Creatine. This isn’t just for the people who are willing to bulk up, it is for any man or woman who wants to stay in healthy condition as he/she gets older.

2# Endurance: Strength training will actually increase your endurance levels, allowing you to do exercise for a longer period of time – pre workout. Many athletes who complete in triathlons or marathons find that strength training benefits them a lot in terms of how long and how far they can go.

3# Increasing bone density: Strength training can also increases your bone density, which will also contributes to a healthier body when you grow older. Osteoporosis is caused by the reducing of bone density and is found more common in female than in male.

Simple Way of Strength Training

Strength training requires to use resistance to build muscle, and there are plenty of ways for you to get started even without going to the gym. For example, if you are not willing or not in the budget to purchase weight listing equipment’s, then you can simply use your own body for strength training, eventually you may want to add other elements step by step, but initially you can get started just with your body.

These are what you can do for Strength Training using your body:
* Push ups
* Chin ups
* Crunches
* Leg squats

But please be advised that using your body for strength training only good for a certain period of time (let’s say the beginning stage, a month or two) because eventually you will be becoming strong enough and your own body weight is not sufficient as resistance that you won’t work out your muscles efficiently.

So to keep your progress, you may need to some equipment like barbells to increase your strength training intensity. Alternately, you may also join a local gym for your strength training, then you can train yourself in a systematic course. And your weight will be for sure up!

Why Gain Weight & How to Healthily Gain Weight?

Though nowadays more and more people are worried for being or getting over weight and been trying all kinds of methods to reduce their weight; there are still a certain percentage of people who are gloomy for being too slim or too skinny. Just like who I used to be, I was very thin and skinny in 10 years ago, and I was weighted too less in others’ eyes because “thin is somehow equal to weak” stands strongly in most people’s minds. I can’t change others’ mind, but I would be trying my best to change how I look like. I started trying every method to gain weight.


I knew that there are quite many skinny people are like me, it seems like gaining weight is the most difficult thing to do. It is difficult to make my weight to increase even a little bit. The truth is, it is not easy indeed, and the only way that I did to gain weight was to eat, to eat, to eat, to eat, to eat, and to eat more, eating never stop like a robot, eating a lot more than I should.

Did I success in gaining weight? Of course, or I would got nothing to share in this article, though it’s just a small success (not gaining to much wight even ate a lot each day).

The following tips will help you increase weight if you follow my steps you will gain some weight for sure! I assure the result, though the gaining quantity varies in each individual.

Rule #1, GO MAD! Yep, “gallon of milk a day” is extremely important and it’s best be whole milk not the deflated milk. It might be tough at beginning, just try your best to persist in and your body will get used to it finally. Here was my dosage for your reference, 200g of carbohydrate, 150g of protein, and 130g of fat, add two table spoons of flax seed oil and extra virgin oil as well so as to boost your healthy fats. You may drink tow glasses of milk on a daily basic, one is after or going with breakfast; the other before going to sleep.

Rule #2, eat 3 normal meals a day. It looks simple, but some people may just ignore, they may skip a meal or two because they have a very large meal earlier or later; they think it has no bad effect for doing so, but it would damage one’s metabolism function. It is the most essential to eat 3 normal meals a day and take your time when eating, do not eat like a gormandizer.

Rule #3, eat some snacks each day. So, how much snacks will do you good?
The total snacks should be at least 800 calories. Cottage cheese, whey protein, yogurt, granola bars, almonds are recommended. Banana, tuna, and celery are all good to increase testosterone.

Rule #4, allow plenty time to let your food to digest, spare at least 45 minutes doing nothing for your food to digest properly after finishing a meal, of course you might just sit there and watch TV, online surfing, listen to music or play video games. Or go to have a good sleep will pretty do you good, because sleeping will slow down your metabolism so as not to fully consume what you’ve eaten.

Rule #5, workout and weight/strength training. Many people mistakenly think that aerobic exercises are the most effective way. They are completely wrong. Aerobic exercises are effective to keep one stay healthy and to lose weight, but it won’t help one to gain way.

Strength/Weight training is the right way for the ones who want to gain weight. Working out in the gym will leave your body muscles trying to recover part by part, recovery means growth, and guess growth means what? It means Weight UP! Only in this way your weight will be increasing steadily though it’s a bit slowly.

Here’s a list of good foods/stuff which are good for your maximum weight gainer:

Carbs sources like whole grains, potatoes, beans, pasta, cereals, breads and rice.

Protein sources like chicken breasts, peanut butter, beef, fish, eggs, salmon, nuts, whole milk, protein powders and any other meat that you could think of.

Fats sources like soybeans, flax seed oil, sunflower seeds and fish oil ham.

What if you can’t still gain weight or gain just very little for the sake that you can’t eat so much for not feeling like eating (yep, for some people, eating in this way may turn out to be a tough task, eating may become boring and eating that much on a daily basic may pull down your appetite) or your stomach is too small to satisfy so many foods? That is eating mission impossible. Then what to do? you should try weight gainer, you don’t need to eat or swallow, you just drink it, it’s much simple than eating a great quantity of foods each day.